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Power bank is a portable emergency charger which combines the function of power supply and charging and it can be used in charging or standby power supply for mobile phones and other digital devices anytime, anywhere. Usually lithium batteries or dry batteries are used as a power storage unit. It is different from the battery in the internal configuration of the product, and it is also called plug-in battery. Pantagone Satellite provides wide range of power banks:

2200mAH Power Bank ,2600mAh Power Bank,3200mAH Power Bank, 4400maH Power Bank ,5000mAH Power Bank, 6600mAH Power Bank, 8000mAH Power Bank, 11000mAH Power Bank, 13200mAH Power Bank etc.

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Laptop Power bank

F-EYE Power Bank


7000-10,000 mAh

10,400-15,000 mAh

16,000-20800 mAh

Solar Power Bank

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